DSL Internet Access

We recommend Fixed Wireless Intairnet Service!

But should it not be available in your area, a cost effective alternative is DSL technology. Prior to selecting DSL, consumers should be fully aware of the potential risks involved and the difficulties, common to all carriers, that have plagued many subscribers.

1. Unsuccessful installations, even if pre-qualified.   Distances over 12,000 ft from Telco central office (CO), deteriating Telco infrastructure, or limited facilities could prevent receiving service.

2. Lengthly installs. It can often take several months and multiple visits to complete a troublesome installation.

3. DSL is a best effort service. Speeds are rated as "up to" speeds, and methods are not in place to guarantee performance.

4. Frequent Outages, and often lasting several day. Telco providers are not obligated to fix outages for up to 7 days. During the process, its near impossible to get information regarding how long an outage will last, whether its 20 minutes or seven days, until after it is repaired.

5. Stolen service. It is common to have your DSL copper pairs (wire) accidentally disconnected or stolen by telco technicians installing new phone services for your neighbors. There is usually no recourse to restore service other than placing a new DSL order from scratch.

6. Failing Providers. Most major Telcos and DSL carriers have filed for bankruptcy in the last two years, often leaving subscribers stranded without services. To name just a few: Covad, Network Access Solutions (NAS), DirectPC DSL, XO Communications, CAIS, Rhythms, Northpoint, Worldcom, Global Crossing, Concentric, Winstar, and the list goes on. All though some of the troubled companies survived and reduced their debt, the underlying problems that originally caused their debt to grow, have not yet been solved. Based on the current business model, it is inevitable that history will continue to repeat itself, with many more failures to come.

Should the above issues not be of concern to your business, DSL offers many advantages. Always on, high speed Internet access, at low low prices!