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Intairnet Wireless Broadband is more Reliable!

    When your life is on the line, you don't rely on a single point of failure to tie safety lines. It should be no different with Internet connectivity. RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc has achieved maximum reliability by designing redundancy into their wireless network at every level from the ground up.

   Self Healing Network:RapidDSL & Wireless has created a wireless transport network that has effectively bypassed congestion and many potential points of failures typical of wired services, by creating long haul single hop links directly between major cities and national fiber optic points of presence. Just about all our cell sites and Multi Tenant Unit (MTU) building, have at least two antennas with multiple paths to our network. Should a link fail, our OSPF self healing network, will automatically within seconds reroutes data through the alternate path. We have taken this one step further, by creating a proprietary solution that actually polls for failed devices, and automatically reboots them attempting to restore service prior to alerting support technicians.

   Radio Equipment: RapidDSL's Intairnet radio technology has been designed and engineered for maximum Wide-Area-Network (WAN)reliability. It should not be confused with basic low cost WIFI equipment suitible for just indoor networks (LANs), hotspots, and small neighborhoods. All our equipment uses polling mechanisms, to guarantee service levels, solve "hidden node" problems, and prevent collisions of data packets when the network is used heavilly by a large number of subscribers. Our radios are both dual polarity and dual frequency, to allow for over 22 non-overlapping channels to choose from. This basically means we have more ways to work around interference than most other carriers. Our radios have more speed and more bandwidth overhead available to handle peak traffic levels to reduce latency. Our minimum starter package can deliver bandwidth equivellent to approximately twelve (12)- T1 wired lines.

   Routing: To compliment our radios, we operate a 100% routed network. (apposed to low performance bridged networks used by many WIFI and ADSL providers.) This basically guarantees that traffic follows the shortest path to its destination, and travels only on required network paths. As well routing does not pass traffic that does not belong. To accomplish this advanced routing, RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc manufactures its own proprietary router equipment. This has many advantages. First, we can use the fastest Intel processors, to guarantee that we have more processing power than we would ever need. This translates to very low latency. Second, it gives us flexibility to immediately take action and write code to fix any issues that could arise for clients. Lastly it acts as a single easy to deploy provisioning management system, that allows us to add many advanced value added routing features. Some of the features include: bandwidth usage statistics, custom firewalling seperated per customer, independent port forwarding, Multiple static IPs to clients, NAT, Bandwidth management, IP port prioritization and QOS, managed VPNs using secure AES and 3DES encryption, secure access for remote configuration, and much much more.

    RapidDSL realizes that a network is only as reliable as the engineers operating and monitoring it.  Our certified in-house and on-site engineers are available to assist with problem resolution regardless of which end of the circuit a problem may exist. Because RapidDSL & Wireless solely owns and operates their network end to end, engineers can be immediately dispatched straight to the source of any problem without delay. As a result, problems can often be resolved in minutes compared to hours or even days that is typical with wired based services.

   Equipment: All RapidDSL's servers and routers are fault tolerant rackmount industrial PCs that follow open standards.  All operate with redundant power supplies and RAID storage. Smart UPS power protection with battery backup, and remote reboot devices are used on every critical component.   This translates to secure data and equipment that rarely fails, and if it were to, spare parts are readily available, for IMMEDIATE repair.  We realized that preventing down time isn't only measured by reliable equipment, but also how quickly parts can be obtained, servers can be re-built, re-configured and restored with current data.

   Software Solutions: Each Software solution (in bound mail, outbound mail, web hosting, DNS, VPN, mail Antivirus, backup DNS, backup mail, Etc) has been installed on its own dedicated server. The advantage of this, is that if an application needs to be taken down for maintenance, only that one specific component will be taken down, not effecting other services. The next precaution that has been made is that secondary servers are located elsewhere at a seperate data center behind different Internet peers. Therefore, if data circuits should fail to the primary servers, the backup servers will not be effected and still be available.