Partnering with Real Estate Owners

"RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc will start by bringing the equivalent of 12 - T1 lines to a MTU building, at no initial reoccurring charge, ready for subscribers."

Real Estate Owners are in the business of providing office space to tenants, and like with any other commodity, must find ways to differentiate their space to attract higher profile tenants. Through a partnership with RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc, the value of that office space will be increase by making available to tenants and future tenants rock solid Internet connectivity for immediate connection. Once a building has been made Fixed Wireless Ready, the door is opened to new revenues, higher lease margins and less time with vacant office space.

Tenants today rely on their Internet connectivity more than ever, and access to solid Internet connectivity is no longer an option but a requirement when choosing office space. Reliable options can be hard to find considering that the most promising carriers have shown to have failing business models and most likely have filed for bankruptcy within the last year. Just to name a few Winstar, Teligent, Global Crossing, Rhythms, NorthPoint, Covad, WorldCom, Yipes, MFN. Many of the carriers that are left, such as AT&T, Sprint, and Quest have announced the postponement of future expansion. Not knowing where to turn, tenants will be looking to the building management for assistance. Tough times have made it necessary for Real Estate Owners to take action and secure additional options. By doing so, an increased level of satisfaction will occur, resulting in better tenant recruitment and retention for the Real Estate Owners.

Revenue Sharing Model

RapidDSL & Wirelessís offers revenue sharing agreements that will create additional revenue streams for Real Estate Owners. In return, with the ability to form cohesive relationships with portfolio owners, RapidDSL & Wireless will be uniquely positioned to acquire consistent business opportunities.


Wireless vs Fiber

Fiber optics does provide the most robust Internet connectivity option for tenant buildings, but it comes at an enormous cost. And based on the financial status of most carriers, its probable that if you donít currently have fiber underway, itís not likely that it will be available to you any time soon. Fixed Wireless on the other hand, offers service today, with a value proposition unmatched in the industry.

Comparison Example:

Traditional Fiber Connectivity (high capacity bandwidth):


Fixed Wireless Connectivity (highly available/scalable bandwidth):



Managed Services

RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc has gained an unparalleled understanding of the managed services marketplace, and from that experience has created one of the most comprehensive and complete management systems offered today. All aspect of tenantís provisioning and monitoring can be handled remotely by our technicians. In addition, Real Estate Owners can feel secure that the offerings rolled out will be part of a high quality, robust solution that will reduce the risk of liability to Real Estate Owners and their tenants. The only thing needed for the tenant to connect is a Cat 5 Ethernet Jack. RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc usually will insists on running new CAT5 riser cable through the building for its services, to guarantee quality control. There are many ways to accomplish this cabling based on the anticipated subscription volume within the building. A secure routed VLAN technology is used to connect tenantsí suites to the Fixed Wireless service.

RapidDSL & Wireless respects the time of its partners. Our goal is to be as hassle-free as possible, saving Real Estate Owners aggravation.