RapidDSL offers Priority Care!

    RapidDSL developed Priority Care in response to the needs of small businesses.  The need for personable responsive support, considerate to the costs that the clientele could incur as a result of our response time.  RapidDSL accomplishes better technician availability through a method, as best stated by notorious Jerry Maguire, "Fewer Clients". The bottom line is that smaller, more manageable local operations can control and maintain quality of work better and be more attentive to clients' individual needs.  In today's ever so complex computer world, familiarity with a client's network is essential to quick problem resolution. With RapidDSL, the same team of engineers that install, maintain your links, and know your internal network configuration will be available for follow up support, reducing headaches.  

    In order to reduce costs,  the competition often take a different approach to service. Basically, trouble calls are forwarded to a national support queue on the other side of the country, where the first available of any of the several hundred employees may answer. It's just not feasible, that hundreds of   employees are going to be able to know all the critical details about thousands of networks for thousands of clients. Although the engineers' efforts may be there, realistically they won't be able to resolve most problems as quickly as a local engineer.   They will be working at severe disadvantages.  They will be unable to physically touch and restart remote servers and routers, be unfamiliar with your network, not be authorized to make changes within remote routers and DNS servers directly, not have access to client records, and will usually be required to escalate difficult calls to senior engineers for later call back.  To eliminate cost overruns, their company policies will be clearly defined as how not to cross the fine line beyond what has been legally stated as their direct responsibilities. Although a central support center may reduce costs for the Internet provider, it often will drastically increase the costs to the client through lost time, or increased third party  technician labor fees. 

    Are all large ISPs always bad?  No, of course not.  Its just that on a large scale, to them you are just one of  thousands of customers. There's a big chance that your priority problems, won't be as much of a priority to them.

Don't be treated like just another number!