RapidDSL Offers Better Options !

   RapidDSL &Wireless, Inc knew that to create a truly innovative network, it would need to build it from the ground up, to conquer difficult modern day dilemmas. RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc identified the problems facing the industry, using its real world experience, hand picked the latest technologies, programmed what was missing, and designed solutions to solve them. The founders' well rounded perspectives, allowed them to consider both the needs of the clients as well as the provider. As a result, RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc delivers better security, more flexibility, faster throughput, all at a lower cost to the client.

     Businesses today need to look farther than just cost for speed. They have to look at total cost of ownership for their entire solution.   RapidDSL has been designed from the start to consider compatibility as well as COST EFFECTIVE flexible solutions to implement firewall security, redundancy, virus protection, monitoring, E-Mail, virtual domains, remote access, online account management. Clients have the choice to implement their own solutions or select robust hassle-free provider managed services.

Some of the benefits include:

Static IPs - Have as many as you can justify needing. If its even available, the competition (Verizon) can charge as much as $50 per IP for this feature. Even if you don't think you need a static IP, for security reasons, you should use an ISP that insists on providing them. When all clients have static IPs, it allows the provider to better monitor its network, and track down where abuse or Denial of Service attacks may be coming from. This translates to a more reliable network.

Routing - Routing directs traffic where it needs to go with optimal performance.

Web Mail - Option to securely access your Email accounts from any web browser on the Internet.

Domain Email - Example: yourname@company.com

Unlimited Mailbox size - You won't loose messages, when away from the office, and large attachments have been sent.

Virus Free Email - All inbound messages are scanned by an Anti-Virus engine.

Email for everyone - Unlimited number of accounts.

Self maintainable - Go online to modify accounts, or call and we'll be glad to do it for you.

Phone Support - Real people to assist. (9a-6p)

SPAM FREE - Coming Soon! Clients will automatically be able to Block SPAM based on their own individual requirements. Online Interface to view blocked messages.

VPN - Encrypt your data stream for optimal security. Allows secure remote access without additional equipment.

VOIP - IP Port prioritization, controls latency, and makes your connection voice ready.

Redundant Failover - Optional. Allows your primary link to fail over to a redundant connection. There are many difficulties with accomplishing this. Basically, its easy to find a path out, but how does the Internet know how to find a path back in. This requires assistance from your ISP. We have several solution for this based on your needs.

Domain Registration - DNS hosting and registration. Free assistance when using our registrar. Record Changes take effect within 1 hour(compared to 48 hours of competitors).