Rapid Dial-Up Internet Access

Connect to the Internet from any city in the USA, with a local phone call!
Over 1100 Access Location! Analog 56K(v.90) & ISDN support.

Clients can choose from two primary Dial-Up service plans, based on their need.

1> Our National Roaming account - lets a clients have one account that can be used any where in USA. This is especially useful for the traveling business professional, and clients with multiple homes. No more calling card hassles, No more long distance fees.

2> Our Local Managed service - lets our local clients located in the Maryland, DC, Virginia, and Pennsylvania areas get local 56K access to the Internet, at top Speeds and at the lowest possible cost.

Some additional advantages to our Rapid Dial-Up service are:

Anti-Virus protection on all incomming E-mail.
Static IP address - Optional.
Content Filtering Service - Optional.
Dual Channel Analog for 112k access
Alternative WEB Browser interface for checking Email, from anywhere.