pyramid.jpg (6913 bytes) RapidDSL Delivers!

    Anyone can promise reliability and service, but delivery isn't so common.  In theory, the far corners of the above diagram can never be reached and still delivered.  Going farther in one direction will get farther away from another.  Delivery is the compromise of the three corners.  Anyone representing that they can reach all three far corners, can't deliver.  The market defines the terms, and when choosing an ISP, the client decides what corners are most important to them.

  RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc delivers using Fixed Wireless Intairnet technology. We have put togeather a solution that breaks the rules and can best reach the farthest corners of the triangle to deliver speed, reliability, and price. This is possible due to the inherent advantages of modern Wireless technology that wired based services just can't replicate. The hard facts are:

   1. Wireless is faster. Wireless Wide Area Network (WAN) technologies exist today that can deliver up to 400Mb/sec per link, compared to 45 Mb/sec the limit of the fastest wired WAN technology. Our typical wireless solution can deliver up to 10Mb/sec per subscriber compared to only 1.5Mb/sec offered by DSL.

   2. Wireless is more reliable. Wireless has only two physical points of failure the start point and the end point. Wired based services can fail anywhere in between at any of many connection points, that deteriorate over time.

   3. Wireless costs less. Overall, deploying Wireless technology end to end costs less for providers, compared to the enormous expense of hanging or burying miles of cable.

BEWARE: Wired based competitors are scared, and may make desperate attempts to put false fear and doubt in the minds of consumers regarding Wireless technology. In most cases they aren't familiar enough with our technology to understand it, let alone offer a truthful opinion about it. To learn about the benefits of Wireless Intairnet and if it's the right solution for you, contact a RapidDSL & Wireless representative, an individual who sells and has been trained in all aspects of both Wireless and Wired technologies.

The Cost to Deliver    The trap most Internet Service Providers fall into, is that they give in to the price wars, and oversell their products below the costs to support them.  Initially, the client will feel that they got a good deal, but ultimately, it's the clients that loose. This strategy forces the ISP to make promises that they never could intend to keep.  Instead, techniques are used to hide this, such as high oversubscription rates, or ignoring costly troubleshooting responsibilities.   Oversubscription is the practice of selling more circuit bandwidth to clients than the actual bandwidth going out to the Internet. Competitors have been known to use oversubscription rates as high as 1000 to 1, drastically reducing consistent performance to the Internet.  Another downfall of many ISPs, is that when they make their pricing structure, they often under estimate after support.  In many cases, these ISPs become unable to respond or deliver support. In worst case scenarios, these ISPs eventually fall into bankruptcy, often resulting in termination of services.

    RapidDSL delivers performance and reliable support to back it up.  We charge according to guarantee the success of those services. 

Delivering DSL     RapidDSL is a small local Internet Solution Provider (ISP) that has been delivering wired DSL solutions for the past five years. When comparing apples to apples, RapidDSL delivers exceptional value. We accomplish this in the same way as most other industries. Manufacturers sell in high quantity to distributors, distributors to retailers, retailers to customers. Each role provides a necessary purpose.  Going direct may reduce prices, but would sacrifice necessary conveniences. For example, if you're thirsty and want to buy a can of Pepsi, it's not realistic to go direct to Pepsi Cola company, even though it's cheaper. A consumer wants the convenience to grab one locally at the time of thirst, and its expected to be cold.  Consumers consistently pays 65 cents for that convenience from local convenience stores, even though they can buy it warm from a national grocery store chain for significantly less. Likewise in the Internet Provider business, bandwidth is cheap, the majority of the costs are in labor and support.  Cut out the support, and anyone can sell cheap bandwidth.

RapidDSL currently offers DSL services utilizing either Verizon or Covad Communications, based on availability and need.