RapidDSL & Wireless offers better Availability!

   RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc is not limited by a single technology or partnership, and therefore can offer choices to select the very best Internet access solutions for each unique situation.

Fixed Wireless Intairnet Availability    Fixed Wireless Intairnet service offers the best overall value, and should be the first choice for consumers, where available. RapidDSL & Wireless currently serves key cities within Maryland, Virginia, and DC. Businesses located within a 10 mile radius of Vienna VA, NW DC, Bethesda MD, Silver Spring MD, Rockville MD, Gaithersburg MD, and Germantown MD, most likely will pre-qualify for service. Actual qualification requires a visual onsite survey, that RapidDSL & Wireless will perform, usually within 24 hours, at no charge to the prospect. The only catch is that in order to get service, the subscriber must have "Line of Site" from their rooftop to a RapidDSL & Wireless Cell Site or Access Point, which are strategically located on top of tall buildings and towers throughout the cities. If Intairnet service is not currently available in your area, RapidDSL & Wireless will often custom engineer a link to your area, with adequate interest from just a few tenants within the community.

DSL Availability     RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc offers DSL services in Maryland, Virginia, and DC. RapidDSL & Wireless has partnered with both Verizon and Covad Communications, to guarantee optimal DSL coverage. They have the two largest deployments in the area, and between the two of them, if we can't get you coverage, most likely no one can.

   DSL is a distant sensitive technology that in theory requires the client to be located within 18,000 feet of their LEC's (Local Exchange Carrier) Central Office (CO).   In actuality, pre-qualification distances over 12,000 ft are usually unsuccessful, and are usually declined by Verizon on submission.  Service can be declined for many other reasons as well. Often telco facilities are not available or are all used up preventing installation. Also, poor line quality, bridge taps, or load coils on the lines can prevent a good DSL signal. Many newer developments have updated fiber optic cabling, and therefore don't have copper wires in place for DSL services. Because costly DSLAM equipment must be installed at each CO every few mile across the country, the area's population must be large enough to justify the expense of deployment. Lastly, Verizon will often do its best to delay deployments in areas where DSL would compete against their own higher priced T1 and ISDN wired services. For these reasons, coverage can often be spotty, and DSL difficult to obtain. Its not uncommon, to have a subscriber on one side of the street with DSL service, and then their neighbor or someone just across the street unable to successfully receive it.

Covad vs Verizon?
Verizon offers only ADSL Line-Sharing services. Before ordering, to qualify, the subscriber MUST have a valid Verizon telephone line in place and operational, which is billed directly to the subscriber by Verizon. Phone lines billed by third party CLECs or Verizon resellers will NOT qualify. Verizon based ADSL services are most probable to survive in the failing telecom industry, and are the least expensive. On a negative note, Verizon DSL also tends to have much higher latency. Typically service can be installed within 14-21 days. For longevity, RapidDSL recommends Verizon where available.

Covad offers ADSL Line-Sharing service, SDSL dedicated service, and IDSL longer range service. Due to resistence from Verizon, who provides the copper pair wiring, Covad DSL can be troublesome to install and repair in a timely manner. But Covad operates one of the finest and lowest latency DSL networks in existence. Line-Sharing ADSL also gets installed within 21 days, and is less expensive. SDSL offers symetrical speeds in both directions and better quality control features. A seperate telephone line is alway installed for SDSL, which is optimized for the service. As a result, installs take between 25-45 days, but can be acheived where line-sharing can not. IDSL is very slow, only three times that of a Dial-Up, but it can offer always on connectivity up to distances double that of ADSL and SDSL.

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