About Us

Matthieu Nguyen, Ryan Spense, Tom DeReggi, Guillaume Marcais, Alfred Shupe.

   RapidDSL & Wireless is an Internet Solutions provider (ISP) and has been serving the MD, VA, DC areas since 1996. Offices are located in Boyds, MD., and our primary Network Operations Centers are located in Vienna, VA, Washington DC and Rockville, MD.

   During our five years of reselling DSL, we repeatedly watched businesses suffer losses resulting from failures within an unreliable DSL industry model, which relied on failing telecom partners. RapidDSL & Wireless recognized that there needed to be a better way, and it would require bypassing traditional telco providers. In doing so, we have taken care to build a business model that works. Designed to succeed in an unstable economy, RapidDSL & Wireless will utilize its proven methodology to reduce risk and insure long term success. A profitable company can afford to grow, support its clients, and improve the Internet experience.

   RapidDSL & Wireless's "Mission" is to bring stability and reliability back into the connectivity industry, by providing next generation end to end Fixed Wireless to Fiber Internet solutions for Multi-Tenant-Unit buildings and business clients. RapidDSL & Wireless provides the Last-Mile connectivity as well as the Transport Network to complete this solution. ILEC/Telco-free operations allow us to bypass the usual delays, long-term contractual commitments and expenses associated to connecting through an existing telecom firm.

  Tom DeReggi, President, is the founder of RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc and his primary duties include Sales, Business Development, and Network Design. On occasion, Tom will also engage in field service activities, as it is his passion, and as it allows him to better keep in touch with his clients' needs and his company's performance.  Tom is an advisory board member for ISPCON, the industry's leading trade show. Tom is a principle member of WISPA, and is regularly envolved in lobbying efforts at the FCC, representing the needs of WISPs nationwide. Tom discovered his passion for the computer industry as a child hosting his first computer user group and BBS (Electronic Bulletin Board System) and has followed the industry ever since, from the first release of MSDOS to the Internet as we know it today.  In addition to being fluent in twelve (12) network operating systems, Tom currently holds certifications as a Certified Novell Engineer (CNE) and also as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE).   Tom is also an avid programmer, with strengths in Cold Fusion and HTML web development.   In 1995, Tom founded DeReggi Computers, Inc, a network support company, which within two years grew to support approximately 400 small businesses in the tri-state area. Prior to 1995, Tom held positions as a senior network engineer at Microcare, Inc and as the Technical Operation Manager for SMAC Data Systems, a Computer Distributor once recognized as one of the top 50 fastest growing corporations. Outside of professional endeavors, Tom lives for the love of his family and when time allows his passion for music.

   Guillaume Marcais (aka Gus), VP of Engineering, is primarilly responsible for product development. He is the primary creator / programmer of RapidDSL's proprietary Router Operating system used accross its network. Guillaume has an Engineering Degree (Masters) in Computer Science with an emphasis on Parallel Computing from I.N.T. in Evry, France, and a Maitrise Degree in Mathmatics from University of Paris 7. Guillaume is currently working towards his PHD. He has completed indepth study in radio technologies, is a master of the Linux Operating system, and is fluent in many programming languages to include RUby, C++ and Java. Personal interests include mountain climbing and family.

   Alfred Shupe, Senior Field Technician, has been with RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc since 1998, and is responsible for Onsite Technical Services. Alf extends his diverse experience to clients, in which his expertise include radio technologoes, Network Engineering, Internet technologies, Microsoft Operating Systems, Cable installation, Printer Repair, and his forte PC Computer Troubleshooting. He has shown to be valuable in just about any situation relating to Onsite Computer Support.

   Ryan Spence, Field Operations Manager, is responsible for Wireless Installations. When it comes to getting the job done, Ryan is your man. His endepth knowledge of RF fundamentals and mounting techniques, guarantees reliable links from the start. But with Ryan, its not just about taking care of the technical details, its ultimtely about taking care of the client.