Jan 01 2005- Wireless ISPs ponder: to Wimax or not?
Xchange by Charlotte Wolter

Beyond all predictions and odds, broadband wireless Internet service providers (WISPs) are not only surviving but doing well.
Nov/Dec 2004- The Wireless Evolution of RapidDSL,
Broadband Wireless Business, by Tim Sanders (PDF)
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RapidDSL opted for Fixed Wireless technology and gained a foothold in Washington, D.C.'s MTU market.
Nov 14, 2004- Telecom Shows Sparkles Of Life,
Washington Post, by Yuki Noguchi

Aimed at giving small business or residential customers access to a high-speed wireless Internet connection without going through a traditional cable or phone company.
Nov 2004- ISPCON Advisory Board Members,
A Special Thanks to our advisory board members. These individuals have been instrumental in helping to shape the focus of the conference and the future of ISPCON.
Oct 2004- FCC Visit
RapidDSL goes to the FCC, to meet with the Wireless Task Force.
April 20, 2004- ISPCON WISP CEO Session,
ISP-Planet by Alex Goldman

WISP CEOs gathered at the ISPCON WISP CEO session, sharing lessons applicable to WISPs of all sizes.
Fall 2004- RapidDSL presents at ISPCON
Tom DeReggi speaks about The Well Diversified WISP and other industry topics in 3 conference sessions.
Oct 06,2004- Telkonet and RapidDSL & Wireless Form Partnership to Serve the MDU Market
Completed First Deployment of Combined Broadband Internet Solution, using the latest Wireless & Powerline Technologies.

Spring 2004- RapidDSL presents at ISPCON
Tom DeReggi speaks about Successful Wireless Strategies and industry topics in 6 conference sessions.
Nov 2003- FCC Visit
RapidDSL goes to the FCC, to meet with Commissioners to discuss how the FCC can help WISPs serve more customers at lower prices.
Fall 2003- RapidDSL presents at ISPCON
Tom DeReggi speaks about Fixed Wireless: Competing in Urban Areas and Wireless Mistakes.
Feb 28, 2003- Without a Net, Business Gazette
Smaller providers fear the effects of the FCC's decision to deregulate broadband.
Feb 24, 2003- Press Release - IntAirNet
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc, an independently owned, next-generation internet service provider (ISP), announced today that it has completed the first phase of its proprietary INTAIRNET fixed wireless broadband transport network bringing reliable connectivity to area businesses in the Washington Metropolitan Area.