SDSL Advantages

1. Fixed Cost - All Telco and ISP fees are included in the monthly fee.

2. Cut Costs - less than ISDN and T1 services. Up to 80% less.

3. Faster -26 times faster than ISDN or Dialup (Up to 1500 kbps)

4. Always On - Connected continuously 24 x 7.

5. Better service - Competition in the Telco market place forces better service.

6. Scalable - Use the same equipment for speeds 144k through 1500k.

7. Secure - Dedicated virtual circuits keep data protected.

8. LAN support - All users can shareand simultaneously access the Internet.

COMPARE:    (Prices are rough estimates as of 01/01/2003)

RapidDSL                  (Includes Telco fees) Monthly Fees Outdated Technology Monthly ISP Fee Monthly Telco Fee
SDSL Business 384K $199 ISDN -128K $190 $190
SDSL Extreme 1,500K $399 T1 - 1,600K $600 $500
IDSL Basic 144K $140 Dedicated Analog - 56K $125 $25

What this means to the client is that the full power of the Internet becomes available to the client at a price that they can now afford. These are some of the applications for high speed Internet.

1. Video Conferencing

2. Internet Phones (Voice Over IP)

3. Office to Office connectivity. (Virtual Private Networking)

4.  Telecommuters - Home office

5. E-commerce

6. Transfer LArge Files - No more waiting

7. Better communications - receive E-mails immediately at your desk in real-time.

8. Bulk publication distribution - E-mail list servers.